BCIT Phytoanalytics Lab Grand Opening

Join the Natural Health and Food Products Research Group (NRG) for the upcoming opening of the CFI (Canadian Foundation for Innovation) funded Phytoanalytics Laboratory at the BCIT Centre for Applied Research and Innovation. Date: Friday, May 12, 2017 Time: 1:30 pm Location: 4355 Mathissi Place, Burnaby, BC The new Phytoanalytics Lab is home...

Crystal Chau

Crystal Chau graduated from the UBC-BCIT Honours in Biotechnology program in 2015. During her time at BCIT, Crystal worked as a research assistant for the BCIT Natural Health and Food Products Research Group. As a part of her co-op at the Murphy Lab in the UBC Department of Microbiology and...

Abhijit Parolia

After graduating from the program in 2015, Abhijit Parolia currently studies at the University of Michigan as a Ph.D. student in Molecular and Cellular Pathology. During his undergraduate years, he held research student positions at the International Collaboration On Repair Discoveries (ICORD) at Vancouver General Hospital and at BC Cancer...

Stacks on Stacks…Of Pipette Boxes

Racking tips isn’t a chore or a game; it’s serious business. First of all, you should never rack tips by yourself. Always have someone to compete with, because honestly, it’s pretty boring otherwise. Now that you’re not alone, this is where the fun begins. To win, you obviously need some...

My Dye Knows What You Did in the Dark

Fun game to play at parties: cry about finals. Last biochem lab this week! All the RNA samples from the past few decades were collected and loaded onto the gel made last week along with tRNA ladder. In addition, UV spectrometry was used to measure five types of nucleotides (adenine,...

Annual Summer Barbeque

The annual summer barbeque is coming in August! Enjoy all the hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, fruits, and other treats. It is an excellent opportunity to meet the students and faculty of the UBC-BCIT Biotechnology program.

Congratulations BCIT graduates of 2015!

After just two years of slaving away in a lab, these proud graduates are moving onto the next chapter of their Biotech degree. Congratulations!


Take a look at the graduates from our program!

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