Roblog by *1 BorgroB (4of9)

What’s in a blog? That which we call a post
by any other name would swell past tweet.

(this is definitely going to be more than 140 characters long,
so for all of you who get *2 twitterpated, I apologize in advance for wasting several minutes of your lives you will never get back)

All joking aside: Since this is my first blog entry I can pretend to be producing content by being self indulgently self referential.  So here goes with a definition of the meaning of “Roblog”

Rob (def): To steal directly from a person usually coercively or by a quick strike.   The translation in French is Voler which is a classic French word play because the verb also means to fly.

Blog (def): The sound made by someone who has just listened to one of Rob’s “jokes”

And as a joking aside: The ungulate says to the parasite.  “You make me sick so I am going to expel you.  You can’t stay with me anymore.”

To which the parasite replies: “But I encyst”

In addition to subjecting the hapless reader to such atrocious PUNishment (similar to the above), I will have other feature topics which I will try to write on once in a while.


Some other possibilities for future features are:

Incubation times and Nucleotides: Interesting IMHO (Biotech related?) news stories about which I will try to make insightful and possibly inciteful observations.

Labeatings: Recipes for the busy, poor and would be healthy lab rat. Today’s Recipe will be familiar to all who have had me for Biochem in the past 5 years or so.


LaNostril: (steroid boosted) gross out humour.

Interpersonal Conflict and Ego destruction: It’s all fun and games till someone  loses an I (simple advice on staying calm & healthy).

Today’s Recipe:  Spreadable Omega 3 Canola-Butter blend.

Warm ½ block (1 cup) of butter to RT in a resealable plastic container (reusable Ziploc or etc)

Add 1¼ cups of RT canola oil and mix together with an immersion blender until smooth thick liquid is obtained (Braun hand blender, electric beater or a whisk).

Place in fridge to harden and and keep refrigerated.  Use directly from the fridge.  

This homemade product contains no artificial transfats and is spreadable out of the fridge.

Canola oil is an excellent and cheap source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Butter does contain saturated fat (and cholesterol) but it is high in medium chain fatty acids and also contains the beneficial natural transfats called conjugated linolenic acid.

1BorgroB is a palindrome and 4th member of the Biotech collective under our fearless leader Electrocutus(1of9)

2 twitterpated: Modern usage would define twitterpated as the inability to come up with 140 non lame characters to tweet.  However the term was originally used for a state of romantic attachment.  Which I suppose might possibly inhibit the ability to tweet.

From Bambi by Walt Disney 1942,
Owl: “Yes. Nearly everybody gets twitterpated in the springtime”

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