My Dye Knows What You Did in the Dark

Fun game to play at parties: cry about finals.

If the RNA samples have high salt content, voltage will be affected, resulting in weird running patterns.

Last biochem lab this week! All the RNA samples from the past few decades were collected and loaded onto the gel made last week along with tRNA ladder. In addition, UV spectrometry was used to measure five types of nucleotides (adenine, cytosine, guanine, thymine, and uracil) under neutral, acidic, and basic conditions.

Super old centrifuge. Be careful when handling this instrument because you can open the lid even when it's spinning!

Last analytical chemistry lab as well! With the lesson learned from last week, we centrifuged the samples so that filtration can be faster (but we ended up doing more samples, so I don’t know how much time was really saved here)

Remember that Tn-5 cell lines are adherent but not really! Since they get easily dislodged, when removing or adding solutions, aim at one point of the well at all time and do it slow!

Not last microbi lab just yet. This week, we titred the baculovirus in various concentrations with the uninfected Tn-5 cells. Afterwards, we had a two-day incubation with methyl cellulose overlay to restrict viral infection to adjacent cells only.

Because aminoallyluridine triphosphate (aa-UTP) was incorporated during reverse transcription for the microarray cDNA, these nucleotides can then be linked to fluorescent dye.

Last (wet) lab for genetics! After incorporating dyes (Cy-5 for IPTG-induced and Cy-3 for un-induced) into the samples, the two samples were combined with GFP and added to the microarray slide. The slide was then incubated overnight and washed the next day. We will be analyzing the data next week!

Tip of the Week: Into Darkness
To maintain the fluorescence intensity of the dyes, everything needs to be performed in the dark! That means lights off, blinds on, lock the doors, tight. Doing laboratory tasks in the dark is on a whole new level, so watch out!

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