End of Term Review – Fall 2017

What kind of things did us biotechies get into this term? Well…

We had a strong kick off to our 2017 fall term with our annual bbq.  Kits beach, biotech bingo, raffles for the coveted biotech mugs and of course, good food and good company.

biotech annual bbq

Then came our BCIT first and second year get to know each other H-bonding event at Kawawa. Hungry students + all you can eat sushi = at least half of us almost exploding. Was if fun? Definitely.

biotech H-bond

And in the midst of the never-ending mid terms that begin in October and carry us to finals, people were still awesome enough to participate in our Halloween costume contest. Three well-deserved winners were crowned: Ashley Spinelli (Manolya, 1st year), Rob (Jobo, 2nd year) and Hagrid (Rob, faculty), and there were many other creative and funny costumes including Arthur, Salt Bae, and the Joker.

biotech halloween

Finally, to celebrate our survival through finals week and with Christmas just around the corner each class held their own Secret Santa events. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to end off the term.

biotech secret santa

With the year coming to a close, its nice to take a moment and look back at all the fun times we had together. Next year will undoubtedly hold even more times to enjoy in our biotech fam😊.

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