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The biotech club has sent out a course survey to upper biotechies and below are the results. We appreciate the time these individuals took to give their, sometimes awesome-ly, lengthy comments. Note: the comments are unedited but this survey was done anonymously so please refrain from pointing out your fellow program-mates.

The rating system is as follows:

  • Difficult? 1 very easy -> 5 very difficult
  • Interesting? 1 not at all -> 5 for sure
  • Instructor? 1 awful -> 5 awesome
  • Marks? 1 very unfair -> 5 very fair
  • Learned a lot, something useful or important? 1 not at all -> 5 for sure
  • Recommendation? 1 avoid at all costs -> 5 this course is a must
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  1. I took Phil 433 before entering the Biotechnology program. It is an extremely fun course! Lots of class discussions that not only include the study material but gives you a new outlook for those prospective pre-med’s!

    I would definitely recommend the course to pre-meds because it will prove advantageous during those rigorous med-school interviews! Also it opens up new job opportunities in ethic boards within companies, hospitals and possible law firms.

    The course feels like introduction to biotechnology (with carol pollock, great teacher) and liberal arts 7002. It may seem overwhelming, but when you realize how interesting the material is, you’ll fly through the course!

    I found the textbooks a good read for LEISURE! (which is hard to say, because we don’t really even have time for fun and games). There is 1-2 essays that may be worth a lot of marks, but you will find yourself doing very well since they are opinion and research based.

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