About Us

In 2008, a group of motivated students founded the UBC-BCIT Biotechnology Club with the main goal to build a strong community within the program. With this in mind, the club aims to

  • connect students from both institutes,
  • ease the transition from one school to the other,
  • organize social, educational, and informational events for students,
  • promote Biotechnology in the general public,
  • and recruit new students into the program.

This year we have set our focus on a few specific goals that fit under the main purpose of the club.

  • Get more students involved in the club, be it through committees, open meetings, or other initiatives. Students who have a voice and active role in the organization will develop a sense of belonging and responsibility.
  • Encourage interaction within the local institute to start building relationships between students in different years of the program. Stronger bonds form when students see each other on a daily basis around campus and once they are established, these bonds can carry over between institutes.
  • Engage geographically-separated students by moving information and discussions online. Whether students are at BCIT, UBC, or on Co-op, they’ll be able to participate in the online community present in our website.
  • Increase the number of applicants to the program by trying new recruitment strategies, including high-school initiatives and improving the resources available online.

As you can see, we’ve charted out a busy year for ourselves and we hope we have your support. If you have any questions or comments, shoot us an email at ubc.bcit.biotech@gmail.com!

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