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  1. Mardiana Sekaramadhani

    Hi, I’m just wondering what is the gpa ranges and minimum gpa to apply into biotechnology for this 2013 fall semester? And where should I apply into, bcit or ubc?



    • Hi Mardiana,

      I’ve replied your email, but I’ll just re-post my reply here as well:

      I’m glad you’re interested in biotechnology! The minimum gpa required is a 70%, and this mark must be maintained while you are in the program. I know that from my class, the gpa ranged from low 70s to high 80s (this was the gpa to get into biotech). If your mark is in the low 70s, you should still try because traditionally there have not been a lot of applicants just because this program is not very widely known.

      Are you currently a UBC student? If you are, you can apply directly through UBC, during the registration for majors (which I believe is around june?). If you are not a UBC student, I believe you apply through BCIT, but I’m not very sure since I applied through UBC so I suggest you to contact

      I hope I was able to answer your questions! If you still have any questions, feel free to ask, but I do advise you to try asking as well because their answers may be better than mine.


      Christine Sam

  2. Hi,

    I have sifted through a lot online material regarding the program, but I still don’t quite understand what the application process is like. What is the step-by-step application process for this program?


    Melina Huang

    • Hi Melina,

      Thanks for your interest in applying to the Biotechnology program!

      Information on applying for the Biotechnology program can be found at this website.

      If you are a UBC student, you can apply for the program by declaring “Biotechnology” as your specialization after your first year. If you are applying as a UBC student in 2nd year or above, you can apply through our program head Dr. Carol Fong by emailing If you are applying from a different school or are not part of the Faculty of Science, you should apply through UBC Admissions.

      For more information on applying to the Biotech program, please email the program head Dr. Carol Fong at


      — Carly Wong

  3. Polina Beskrovnaya


    I’m a first year science student and have been thinking about applying to the Biotech program this summer. My current GPA is okay (I guess, around 90%), but I have just found out about the arts electives that are actually part of the entry requirements and which I was unaware of until now for some reason. So far, the only courses on my transcript, like, beyond what is already necessary are integral calculus and mechanics, but I have not completed any non-science courses, except 2 of the first year English ones. My question is, uhm, should I even consider applying to this program or there is probably no point in trying, since I am lacking these two non-science elective courses?


  4. Hi Christine!!

    I saw your awesome post about FAAS and I have manyyy questions about it, I am a Master students part of the Marine Mammal Research Unit, and I need to measure Manganese in fish and scat samples in order to estimate digestive efficiency of northern fur seals (you may check my link to know more about my project). If I could please maybe meet with you sometime this week? No body here has ever done it and I need some insights on how to prepare my sample to be ready to go into the FAAS.
    Thank you very much and I am looking forward to hear from you 😀

  5. Srinderpal Singh Thind

    Hello Ma’am/ Sir
    I am a science student at Columbia College. I am in a UTP programme. So,i wanted to know that what are the acedemic requirements for me to opt for Biotechnology at UBC? What marks or percentage or gpa do i need to maintain to get my admission in Biotechnology at UBC.
    Thank you

    Srinderpal Singh Thind

  6. I notice that Burnaby has ~17,000 full-time students but on-campus housing for just 333 people. If I enter the UBC/BCIT program, how hard would it be to get on-campus housing at Burnaby? Would I be considered a first-year BCIT student for housing purposes, ignoring the year I spent at UBC? Also, I’m from Minnesota. Not sure how that stacks up in the “distance” calculation.

    Thanks for any insight you can provide!

    • Hi Steven!

      You would be considered a first-year BCIT student, and given a chance to apply for housing after being accepted into the Biotech program.

      The number of housing applicants differs each year. However, the vast majority of BCIT students live off-campus, so the housing process is less competitive than UBC’s. To my knowledge, quite a few Biotech students have been able to live on campus during one or both of their years at BCIT. Since you would be considered an international student, you would be given high priority.

      Hope this helps!

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