Dona Sharma

Dona_Sharma Dona Sharma is currently pursuing her PharmD in the Entry to Practice Doctor of Pharmacy program at UBC. She has also been part of the Drug Delivery Division at the Centre of Drug Research and Development (CDRD), a Canadian non-profit organization, for the last 5 years in the role of an Analytical Technician.

In 2010 Dona earned her BSc. degree from the UBC-BCIT Honours in Biotechnology program. Working diligently in the program and multiple co-op jobs, Dona attained high marks and learned valuable skills.  Her last of the three co-op positions included eight months at CDRD which lead to her current position. Dona has always been passionate about expanding her knowledge and staying up to date.  In addition to being committed to her work, Dona recently decided to pursue her dream of enhancing her knowledge in the clinical application of pharmaceuticals.

Dona believes that the Biotechnology program not only prepares students for future careers with hands-on experience, but also provides them with an insight into diverse career opportunities in the field.  When finding a co-op position Dona emphasizes the importance of being honest, genuine, interested, independent, and willing to learn, in addition to extracurricular activities. Her advice to current Biotechnology students is to stay focused on their goals and look for relevant co-op opportunities, but also to enjoy the learning process at the same time.

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