The serving executives of 2016 – 2017


Not Pictured: Samantha Feng

Jake Johnston | President

01Jake is a 3rd year student in the program. He occupies himself with an alarming amount of extracurricular activities and consumes copious amounts of caffeine. Though he claims “sleep is for the weak,” he often appears near death and has bags under his eyes which resemble a sith lord from Star Wars. As president of the club, Jake hopes to facilitate a more enjoyable and enriched experience in the biotech program by promoting fun and/or informative events and connecting the BCIT portion of the program to the UBC portion.

Jessica Ha | VP Finance

02Jessica is a 3rd year Biotechnology student. She is interested in all outdoor activities.  Talk to her about budget planning, funding, and photography! :)




Ian Lee | VP Internal

04Ian is one of the current VPs in the Biotech club. The Biotech program is his dream program in his dream university, UBC, and he considers himself very fortunate to be a part of it.

There are few things in this world as mysterious and exciting as biotechnology and its components: genetic engineering, molecular biology and immunology. These themes affect people in ways that he never thought possible and shape key industries such as healthcare, eco-technology, and agriculture.

Even as he is finishing up my time here at BCIT, he finds that there are near limitless things to learn about this ever evolving discipline. Feel free to ask him anything about the field. He would be happy to share his experience.

Helen Lin | VP Internal

03Helen is a 3rd year Biotechnology student who loves streaking agar plates and surfing tumblr. During the week after school, you can find her struggling to decide between taking naps and being productive. During the weekends you can find her sipping tea at the Old Barn Community Center and listening to screaming babies while trying to finish her Chemistry lab homework. As VP internal, she feels strongly about bringing together all the various factions of Biotechnology students together to have at least a little bit of fun during the loaded school year. She will be starting an 8-month co-op at Karsan’s Lab at the BC Cancer Agency starting in May, and hopes to pursue cancer research in the future.

Blake Tamboline | 2nd Year Events Coordinator

05Blake is an original gangster. He somehow managed to sneak into the biotech program even though he’s completely mental. He inflicts chaos on all the instructors but still manages to plan yummy events. Nobody attends these events because everyone is too busy complaining about the difficulty of this program.



Samantha Feng | 1st Year Events Coordinator

06Samantha Feng is a second year undergrad in the UBC-BCIT Honours in Biotechnology program. She wants to plan amazing events so biotechies can bond over laughs, eat great food and most importantly, help us forget about our busy school lives. Outside of school, Samantha loves to swim, eat baked goods and watch Asian dramas and variety shows.



Vivian Li | 2nd Year Media Coordinator

07Vivian is a 3rd year here because she craves that sweet, sweet, biotechknowledge. As a Vancity stereotype lite, she loves skiing, biking, and fancy sushi, but cannot stand coffee for the life of her. She is currently looking forward to speaking franglais and developing some (cell) culture in her co-op.

She is always, always ready to school anyone in Geoguessr and QuizUp.

As media coordinator, she constantly struggles to find new things to take aesthetic pictures of and is pretty salty about fb’s nonsense pay-to-boost system for pages.

Samantha Mar | 1st Year Media Coordinator

08Samantha (a.k.a. Sam) is a second year student in the program.  She is currently craving a vacation and long walks on the beach with her best friend’s dog.  You can find her chuckling nervously at her own jokes or pursuing her passion for soup and cheese.  Her motto in life: More cheese? More cheese.

As this year’s media coordinator, she is also always in need of spicy photos to post on the program’s Instagram account.

Karen Lau | 2nd Year Webmaster


Karen swindled the position of 2nd Year Webmaster out of the hands of fierce competition by namedropping Paris Hilton. Despite this, her aspirations – at least fashionably speaking – are torn between London Tipton and microbiology lab chic. She typically occupies herself with honey crullers, colour palettes and the personification of laziness. She spends an inordinate fraction of her weekdays napping and her weekends with her nose buried in a book.

As webmaster, she feels personally responsible for any technological funkiness you may encounter while exploring our program. She’s working on it.



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