The serving executives of 2017 – 2018


UBC-BCIT Biotech Club Executive Team 2017-2018

Aya Zakaria | President

22662576_1541682755913510_478104778_oAya is a 3rd year student who spends her time reading, experimenting with interesting foods and hanging out with her grandparents. She enjoys long romantic walks to the fridge and fan-girls over strangers’ dogs in public parks. When she’s not exploring the city for ice cream, Aya devotes herself to the biotech program and club. With her drive and sass, Aya will Make the Biotech Club Great Again.

Kashish Doshi | VP Finance

22561343_1541505249264594_1735045488_oKashish is the VP finance.




Maye Cheng | VP Internal

22643034_1541505222597930_1783066712_oWhenever interviewers ask Maye Cheng the typical “tell me about yourself” question, she always replies with a standardized answer:

“Hi, my name is Maye and I’m a 3rd year student in the Honours in Biotechnology program. I originally wanted to pursue a career in music, however, I did not prepare adequately for my audition and got put on the waitlist. Ultimately, I just ended up picking biotechnology as my major.”

Some other important facts about Maye Cheng …
-She only sleeps 5 hours a day
-Her favourite colour is pink
-She has a matching tattoo with her mom
-She likes classical and indie alternative music (currently recruiting a partner to go listen to the VSO with her)
-She has 5354 followers on Tumblr
-She has a birthmark on her back that looks like a burn scar
-She procrastinates by reading manga (non-stop)
-She’s kinda derpy

Joshua De Guzman | 2nd Year Events Coordinator

22563704_1541505052597947_9249413_oJoshua De Guzman (aka JD) is the Speedy Gonzales of the Biotechnology second years. You’ll probably see him around BCIT and in the lab, running and running, never stopping. Don’t be surprised to see a science meme posted on Facebook at 4 am in the morning. And be ready to run to all the events he’s planned, because you don’t want to be that one person who’s left behind.

He also plays piano and draws in his spare time (if he’s not too busy running).

Shovon Das | 1st Year Events Coordinator

22561016_1541505149264604_1085255420_oShovon is the 1st year events coordinator.

Samantha Feng | 2nd Year Media Coordinator

22561246_1541505095931276_1450545682_oSamantha Feng is a third year undergrad in the UBC-BCIT Honours in Biotechnology program. She loves to swim, eat baked goods and watch Asian dramas and variety shows. At this time, she is currently looking for any available co-op position in an academic lab.

As one of this year’s media coordinators she hopes to be able to answer any questions prospective students may have as well as take inspiring and cool photos that promote the program and show just how much fun us Biotechies can have.

Kevin Lam | 1st Year Media Coordinator

22560987_1541505005931285_1352515540_oKevin is a second year student in the program. You can usually identify him by his porcupine/sea urchin-like hair structure. Kevin would like to spend more time at Kitsilano’s dog beach and one day become a professional dogspotter. He also aspires to be a Hobbit and is currently practicing their 7 meals a day routine.

As the first-year media coordinator, Kevin is always looking for situations to take pictures to create dank memes 🔥.

Rebecca Dos Remedios | 2nd Year Webmaster


Rebecca has made it to the 3rd year of biotech, yay! She likes plants, biking, video games and everything meme-y. During the summer you can find her prepping for the school year via semi-hibernation. She is fueled by bubble tea and pineapple only pizza (yah what a weirdo), and she thoroughly enjoys speaking in third person.

As webmaster, she wants to be the very best that no one ever was…to find problems is her real test and to fix them is her cause!:)

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