The serving executives of 2018 – 2019

Shovon_1Shovon Das  | President

As a third-year student working on completing his final year at BCIT, Shovon is excited to take the Biotechnology Club to where no club has gone before! Shovon intends to strengthen connections between the UBC and the BCIT Biotech students to create a community where BCIT students feel less isolated from their UBC counterparts while attending BCIT. He will work with outside collaborators to create new opportunities for his fellow biotechies, where they will have the chance to meet representatives from some of the top biotech employers in the province. He believes that these changes will help students in getting their foot out of the door and into the market, and help them in finding Co-Op positions. With the aid of the new club executives and his passion for the community, Shovon aims to make this the most successful year yet for the Biotechnology Club!

NathanNathan Naidu | Co-VP Finance

Nathan is a third-year undergrad in the Biotechnology program who leads an active lifestyle working out, and playing a variety of different sports such as basketball and volleyball. As an Assistant Youth Sports Coordinator in Richmond, he enjoys carrying over his love for sports to children, and teaching them the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. He has a keen interest in immunology, specifically HIV triggers and drug development, as well as novel cell line generation. As Co-VP Finance, he aims to establish a financially stable and secure budget plan for an eventful and enjoyable year for the Biotechnology Club!

JaredJared Dutra  | Co-VP Finance 

Jared is actually a 5th year arts student who just pretends to be a part of the Biotechnology program. Despite that, he somehow was elected to the position of Co-VP of Finance….He only really comes to BCIT so he can play with expensive things in the lab, wear a fancy lab coat, and make fun of Shovon.

Eui-YoungEui-Young Jung  | Co-VP Internal

Eui-Young is a third-year undergrad in the UBC-BCIT Biotechnology program who enjoys playing competitive ultimate and figher games in the little spare time he has in the program. He also has a passion for teaching as he tutors several students and helped coach an ultimate team. He enjoys the hands-on lab experience that the Biotechnology program has to offer and learning something new in the lab everyday. As Co-VP Internal, he is excited to work with the rest of the club executives on creating amazing events for everyone.

Li_JingLi Jing Sheaves | Co-VP Internal

Li Jing is a second-year undergrad in the biotech program who enjoys spending time with her cats, playing D&D and taking photos. She loves storms and animals and hates olives and the sound of nails on a chalk board. When she was little, she dreamed of owning a wildlife rescue, but her mother told her she needed a job that would pay for it before she could own one. She’s not sure if that dream will ever come true now that she’s studying biotech, but she figures she’ll just produce the gene technology to save all the animals for when the world inevitably falls apart. As Co-VP Internal, she intends to keep everyone on track and organized beyond anything they’ve ever seen before (and hopefully they’ll appreciate it).

 JennaJenna Laval | Co-VP Student Life

Jenna is a 2nd year undergrad in the Biotechnology program with an expertise in everything tattoos, Pokémon, and being your second mom. She loves rock music and eating desserts until she’s nauseous. She also loves to get creative, but currently considers herself a struggling artist because BCIT has taken up all of her time. So, instead of geeking out over smooth-gliding pens or a crisp clean canvas, a flawless application of a bacterial culture to a streak plate will have to do.
As one of the (technically) first Co-VPs Student Life, she wants to set the standard pretty high – as high as a 5’3” can reach.

EmmanuelEmmanuel Garrovillas | Co-VP Student Life

Emmanuel is a third-year in the UBC-BCIT Biotechnology program who loves eating, making diamonds under pressure, and telling you why rain is a good thing. He joined the Biotech program to hone his lab skills, but mainly it was for economic reasons. Outside of class, Emmanuel’s interests include ultimate frisbee, lifting heavy objects, bouldering, and bringing the best fun-filled events to the community as one of the Co-VPs of Student Life!

ErinErin Pan | Co-VP Communications

With too many years of pondering under her belt, Erin is finally settling down. She is currently a second-year undergrad in the Biotechnology program, so she can get a viable pension pay by pursuing a prospective career path instead of waiting for the minimum wage to go up in Vancouver. After refusing to write more papers about old dead men’s achievements in the arts, Erin’s areas of expertise cover photography, latte art, and throwing shaka sign at any given situation. While being the first year VP of Communication, she wishes to spread the art of science by sharing how beautiful plant micropropagation is on her highly curated club Instagram account.

DerrickDerrick Chong  | Co-VP Communications

Derrick is a third-year biotechnology student with a passion for science education and communication. He is a member of the Board of Directors for one of Vancouver’s oldest non-profit organizations, the Environmental Youth Alliance, a group that strives to connect urban youth and nature. His first ever publication was in Science, which strangely lacked any form of experiments, rather, it was a short editorial about the benefits of outside hobbies contribute to better scientists. Derrick is most interested in applying biotechnology to ecology, which he believes is the most beautiful subset of biology – the science of interactions. He hopes that with his teammates, and as VP Communications, he can help create strong interactions within the BCIT Biotechnology ecology.

NabeelNabeel Khan| Co-VP Technology

Gaining 100% of his classmates’ votes due to his charisma and leadership skills, Nabeel can’t wait to set his long term goals in motion. He hopes to take control of the biotechnology government, before establishing a communist regime with himself on top.

Looking for a job; hit me up if you’re offering.

KevinKevin Lam | Co-VP Technology

Kevin is a 3rd-year student and is easily identified by his signature sea urchin/porcupine-hair or sexy dance moves in lab. He wishes he could be more involved in bioinformatics and is always searching for opportunities to learn more programming (holla @ me biotech companies)… In his free time, Kevin is either watching Netflix, stuffing his face with whatever’s in the fridge, or thinking about food.

Kevin aspires to run the BMO half-marathon to celebrate the end of his BCIT years and is always looking for a running buddy!


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