About BCIT
BCIT Biotechnology Club Executives

President - Chloe Chan

Chloe was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. Her hobbies include metalwork, hiking, water-colouring, and biking ā˜¼. She really likes drinking coffee that is really strong and really sweet, so you can usually spot her purchasing a quad-shot of espresso around exam season šŸ™‚

Co-VP Finance - Anny Xia

Bio: To be added

Co-VP Finance - Logan Duff

Hey, It’s Logan Duff! 👋.Ā  A fun fact about him is that he was named after wolverine! He’s originally from Edmonton, Alberta but he officially moved to Vancouver this year! He’s into personal fitness, gardening, cooking/baking, going for hikes (anything outdoors). He’s also a big science nerd so he’s super excited to be part of the biotechnology program!

VP Internal - Kaitlin Law

Bio: To be added

Co-VP Internal - Tiffany Xie

Tiffany is from Vancouver, BC. One fun fact about her is that she has broken a bone before by walking into a door. Her hobbies include reading, playing badminton, watching anime, and trying new restaurants.

Co-VP Student Life - Savitha Singarajan

Bio: To be added

Co-VP Student Life - Ishana Sookoor

Ishana is from a small island in the Caribbean – Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹 🏝🎭. OneĀ fun fact about her is that she is a product of In vitro fertilization. This leads to her keen interest in embryology ;)💉💘. In her free time, she loves to readĀ (not school work but mystery/romance novels). You can also find her going to the beach, hiking, walking and running outdoors, picnicking and everything that exposes her to theĀ sunshineĀ 🌞.

Co-VP Communications - Aileen Liman

Aileen is a third year student in the Biotech program. Fun fact about her is that she has hiked in three different countries (China, Bhutan, and Canada). Her favorite part of the program are the labs (especially the animal cell labs!) and her hobbies include rock climbing and reading.

Co-VP Communications - Ivana Angelica Djaja

Ivana is from Jakarta, Indonesia. One fun fact about Ivana is that Ariana Grande kissed her on the cheek! She enjoys sleeping, eating, playing mario kart (terribly) and animal crossing on switch.

Co-VP Technology - Tien Do

Tien was born and raised in Vung Tau, Vietnam. One fun fact about her is that she really want to learn slap bass but she keeps procrastinating to do it. In her free time, you will often find her rock climbing, biking, baking for friends, learning new things, going to the gym, exploring, and chasing after big skies and good sunsets <3.

Co-VP Technology - Anson Mo

Anson is from Scarborough, Ontario. In his free time, he likes to be with his dog, take pictures, play video games with his friends, and train karate. You’ll often catch him hydrating genmaicha and matcha!!